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[ SHOCKINGLY, papika is having difficulty going to sleep after the events of the trial. perhaps she had too much pizza and now has an upset stomach? maybe she is traumatized for life after the cannibal reveal? who knows.

either way, she's going to quietly leave her room. she's not entirely sure what she's looking for, but she still ends up poking her head into every one of the hotel's common rooms until she reaches the lounge. spotting percy inside, she realizes that it wasn't a what, but a who.

somewhat shyly, papika walks over to where he's sitting. ]

Hi Percy.
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[ it's some time after the execution has ended. papika has spent most of the day around the hotel, chatting to people when they approach but mostly keeping to herself.

when she spots barnham, though, she immediately scurries over to him. he has definitely not had an easy time this weekend and she's concerned?? when she gets to him, she offers a smile. ]

Hi there! [ how do you start conversations after that shit show tbh ]
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[ your fave is problematic: papika, is impulsive and dives into bad ideas easily. but she knows that if she went to literally anyone about this they would immediately veto the idea? and she is kind of tired of seeing everyone else getting hurt trying to bust into these closed buildings. so the best thing to do, obviously, is to open one herself so everyone else will get to keep their limbs.

(this is a terrible idea???)

so that's why, wednesday night (or around that time where wednesday and thursday just blur into each other), papika sneaks out of her room. she has her hoverboard with her, which has been basically useless since arrival but it might be a decent shield in case anything gets shot at her. she also has a shovel in case she needs extra help prying anything loose, but papika is pretty good at sneaking into places? she did it all the time back home without any real help.

anyway. THE POINT IS. papika is at the closed up cinema at night time. and once there, she is going to circle around the building to find what might be the easiest spot to break into. so she'll be inspecting each boarded up window and the front door and whatever. god this is a bad idea. ]
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[ so, sometime after the sheriff fucking doxxes her early monday, papika is going to be wandering around the town. she seems to be?? searching for something??? or someone. whatever this search is for, it eventually leads her into the kitchen, where she finds... one [1] milla.

the smile on her face shows that milla is, in fact, who she has been looking around for. the smile is also as big as her usual ones, but it's still somehow not as bright as usual. it's probably her eyes. her eyes look about as tired as you would expect after what happened over the weekend. ]

Milla! I found you.
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[ so, later sunday evening after the execution, papika is gonna be poking her head into her hotel room. she doesn't go in right away as she seems to be checking... for... ]



Jan. 10th, 2017 09:23 pm
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feel free to hmu with any crit, concerns, [insert another c word??? c...oconas???] for papika here!!


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